For ages 4 & 5
Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays
5:00 - 5:30PM
$50 per month (includes T-shirt)

  • Small classes 
  • Balance and coordination
  • Self confidence & satisfaction
  • Self defense
  • FUN! 

Contact Ed Ricciuti at 860-663-1804 or

Our swarm of Hornets!
Those who have been in our program for at least 6 months, and wish to continue once they age out, can test for their Youth Hapkido (6-12) Yellow Belt* . This will give them a head start in our Chung So Nyung program.
*All Hornets who choose to move to Youth Hapkido just prior turning 6, can test for their Youth Hapkido Yellow Belt before doing so. This gives them a head start in the program! While they will receive the belt during their last few weeks of attending Hornets, it must be made official upon signing up for Youth. All of Green Hill Martial Arts' hapkido ranks are conferred by the founder of the system via the International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF). This would require 1) joining the ICHF ($50 per year), and 2) signing on with the Youth Hapkido program. Normally, there is a $20 test fee (which goes to ICHF) for each belt, but we will cover this first one.

The student will then receive an official certificate from the founder, Grandmaster Pellegrini and a membership card.