October 11, 2011

To the Students and Parents of GHMA,

Thank you ALL for the hard work you put in to get our school up and running! You painted, built, installed, donated, scrubbed, raked, weeded, and offered your advise and generous support. It was truly heartwarming!

We really are a family and many of us had the great fortune to get to know one another better, outside of the classroom setting. There is a lot of work involved in launching a school (even, as in this case, a new incarnation of a school) and you not only lightened the load, but further inspired the instructors and board to offer the learning experience you all deserve.

School's in session!  Thanks to you.


Ed and John

Arthur Blair, founder of Green Hill Combat Hapkido received his 4th Dan Black Belt certification on June 30, 2012! Congratulations, Art!
AND, on that very same day, Ben Chasse was awarded his Black Belt 1st Dan in Combat Hapkido! Ben is now one of our Assistant Instructors.
Instructor Edward Ricciuti Earns His 3rd Dan Black Belt in Chon-Tu Kwan Hapkido! Congratulations, Ed!
We continue to move forward in our JKD! Four of us tested at Derderian Academy of Martial Arts on 1/26/13 and moved up to the next level. Our class instructor Sifu Sean Gallimore is now at Level 8, John Himmelman and Karl Neumann are at Level 7, and Ed Ricciuti is up to Level 4. This is just an awesome and effective art and we encourage you to give it a try!
To alleviate the parking problems with parents picking up their kids and the adult students arriving for the next class, we have moved Tuesday and Wednesday's adult classes back 15 minutes. Tuesday's adult class will now begin at 6:45PM and Wednesday's at 6:15PM. Each class will still be one hour.
Saturdays are BACK! Get your hapkido on in the morning and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Info here.
October 24, 2013
6-7PM at our school

Sabumnim Arthur Blair will be doing a seminar on one of the most basic and important components in our art - the use of the hips! So much of what we do - our strength, our balance, comes from the hips. This is open to ALL GHMA students in our youth and adult classes. Cost is included in your regular membership!
Effective April 12, 2014, Saturday classes are will be from 9-10AM. This will be for both adult and youth students.