All students receive a copy of our GHMA Student Manual which outlines what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us. You can download it here as a PDF.

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Green Hill Martial Arts Belt Rank Curriculum for Chung So Nyun Hapkido (Youth Hapkido)

Youth Hapkido at Green Hill Martial Arts
This belt program is for students up to the age of 12. Upon completing all the requirements in this curriculum, and other requirements as may be stated by the instructors, the student will receive a black belt in Chung So Nyun Hapkido. It should require approximately 3 years of training to achieve 1st Poom Black Belt in this art of self-defense.

At the age of 12, students with a black belt in Chung So Nyun may enter the adult Chon-Tu Kwan (Combat) Hapkido program. They will be eligible to test to convert their black belt to one in Combat Hapkido at the age of 15, provided they have continued with their training. However, we would expect that student to regularly attend classes, in addition to practicing on their own.
The Chung So Nyun curriculum is a fully effective program of self-defense designed to greatly improve a child's ability to defend his- or herself against any kind of assault and violence. 

Youth Hapkido at Green Hill Martial Arts
Our board has decided to adopt the English translation of Chung So Nyun Hapkido for our youth program. In the past we've called it Combat Hapkido - the same as the adult program. However, Chung So Nyun (which you will see on the belt certificates) means "Youth Hapkido". With the official name change, comes a new logo. We thought it fitting as our students fight like tigers! This will be on their new T-shirts. The old shirts can still be worn to train, but we require that the new ones be worn to belt tests and seminars.
In April 2021, we expanded our offerings to include preschool children, ages 4-5. They are the Hapkido Hornets! Click on the logo for more information.
Essential Reading for GHMA Hapkido Students
Hapkido apparel and equipment requirements and info on joining the International Combat Hapkido Federation (required for rank advancement in our hapkido program)
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