Since 1991 David has worked in the pharmaceutical industry where he has led the development of numerous new treatments for a diverse range of diseases. He has traveled extensively internationally for business, including living in France. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, completed a Graduate Certificate Program in Computer Applications, holds a Master’s Degree in Business, as well as a Ph.D. in Management. He has held executive leadership positions in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies and has managed organizations of up to 60 scientists and physicians. He is a recognized expert in the pharmaceutical industry within the fields of project management, portfolio management, risk management, and asset value creation. He is an accomplished public speaker and has been a featured 
David Townson Hapkido teacher

   David Townson  is a second generation student of martial arts and he credits his interest with early exposure to his father’s study of Judo at the Blue Diamond dojo in Peekskill, NY in the late 1960’s. David has studied the martial arts since 1986 when he joined the Triangle Karate Association under Shihan Louis Stanishia. After Shihan Stanishia’s retirement in 1995 David continued study under Sensei Steven Gladman in the system. One of David’s accomplishments was winning first place in the black belt division in an all-school kumite shiai (fighting tournament). David achieved the rank of ni-dan (second degree black belt) in the system. David continues study of Karate in the Kyokushin system under Sensei Bob Hopwood at the Connecticut Budo Karate school.

   David studied Kendo under Sensei Matsushita at the Shu Do Kan dojo in Stroudsburg, PA, and later as a member of Koushinkan – the Yale Kendo Club. David achieved the rank of ikkyu (final brown belt before black belt). 

   David’s study in Combat Hapkido began at Green Hill Combat Hapkido under Arthur Blair. To date David has attained the rank of fourth degree black belt and enjoys the system for its focus on real world applications of self-defense. 
David Townson Hapkido teacher
David and Ben Townson Combat Hapkido at Green Hill Martial Arts
presenter at over a dozen technical conferences on these subjects and has spoken in the United States and Europe. In June 2011 David was featured on the cover of Medical Meetings magazine based on his role as Keynote Speaker at a conference of over 800 attendees held in Philadelphia. 
Dave and his son, Ben - a trailblazer in
our Chung So Nyun Hapkido program, who
earned his Poom black belt in 2012.